Adidas, Nike: New shoe line for womens platform

Adidas is launching womens shoes in partnership with Nike, bringing together the two brands to offer a variety of sneakers that look and feel like womens brands.

The brand’s new line will include womens models, such as the adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 Boost and adidas Zoom, as well as women’s models, like the Nike Flyknit Ultra and the adiTunes Swift. 

Adidas Origins Yeezer Boost 350Womens adidas Yeezier Boost 350X womens adiYeezer Ultra womens womens  adidas Zoom womens The Yeezers are the latest collaboration between Adidas and Nike, with the pair collaborating to bring a new generation of womens footwear.

The Yeezes will be available for pre-order on Friday, July 31, with delivery expected to begin in mid-August.

“The new adidas range continues the tradition of creating high-quality, contemporary shoes for women that reflect the contemporary look and lifestyle, while also making them comfortable for everyday wear,” said Adrian Smith, Adidas Originals global product manager.

“The Yeezys are an ideal introduction to womens fashion and style.” 

The pair of womans sneakers will include a range of materials including a lightweight mesh sole and rubber outsole, which is made from a blend of cotton and nylon.

The adidas Swift will be a blend with a mesh midsole and outsole.

Both adidas sneakers will feature adidas’ signature Flyknit technology, which creates an ultra-soft, yet breathable shoe that allows for a longer-lasting and more supportive foot for women.

The shoes will also include a mesh upper that will add comfort and flexibility to the feet and ankles.

Adidas will also offer a womens range of premium shoes, such the adixer Zoom, that will also feature Flyknit and mesh upper materials. 

According to adidas, adixers can help women achieve an ideal fit by providing a smooth, flat surface on the top of the shoe for better support and comfort. 

The womens Yeezzers will also be available with an option for a Flyknit mesh sole that will allow the pair to be worn with minimal slip. 

For more information on adidas womens sneakers, visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest on the womens shoe line.

Adidas is launching womens shoes in partnership with Nike, bringing together the two brands to offer a variety of sneakers…

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