Why are men’s sneakers so expensive?

On a warm day in February, a man wearing a pair of black shoes and a black cap walks into a retail outlet in Mumbai, India.

As the store clerk approaches, he hands her a note that reads, “If you are a lady, please put your hand in my pocket.

If you are not, I will leave you alone.”

As a woman, the man seems uncomfortable, but the clerk asks him to leave.

She walks away, but when she comes back he has another note.

He wants her to keep his money, which he says he can’t use.

The man’s note reads, You are not the woman that I am.

I am the man who is not a lady.

It is not just the man, it is also the woman.

And it is not about me, it’s about you.

The woman’s note ends with a plea: Don’t take advantage of me.

It’s not about money, it isn’t about your dreams.

It isn’t even about women.

It is not only about women in the world.

It seems that men’s shoes are becoming a very common sight on the street.

According to research conducted by Bloomberg, the average price of a pair in the United States was $1,300 in 2014, which is almost 20% higher than in 2004.

According the study, men’s and women’s shoes accounted for about 80% of the sales at department stores.

Women’s shoes have become the hottest fashion trend of 2014.

This trend is a result of an increasing number of women buying and wearing shoes in public places.

The reason for this is that women, especially young women, want to make their fashion statement on their body and have to make sure that they look good.

But what does this mean for the man buying them?

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, men who buy a pair are told that they will be treated well by the women at the store.

But women also want to avoid the stigma of having a man look at them and feel comfortable wearing the same shoe.

In fact, in many parts of the world, the price of shoes has become so high that women have been calling for a boycott of male-made shoes in order to demand better conditions for their women.

Women’s rights groups have also been campaigning for better conditions.

For example, the Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Network has urged all companies to stop selling men’s footwear.

The issue of shoes in India has been debated for years.

In 2012, the Supreme Court had to rule on the issue and said that there were a few things that could be done to improve the conditions for women.

According of the report in the report, the women’s rights activists have been campaigning to make shoes available in stores that would help women get a decent price for their shoes.

For instance, a few years ago, the Mumbai women’s shelter, Kalyani Bhavan, was selling a shoe that the shelter said could help women afford to buy shoes.

Women were very unhappy with the shoes and were asking the shelter to remove them.

The same thing happened with shoes that were made by companies like the brand Swagabaya.

Many women were unhappy with this shoe, as it made them feel uncomfortable and looked like they were not dressed properly.

The shoes were also made by women in countries like Brazil, which has a lower standard of living and women are very unhappy about them.

Women have also complained about shoes made by men who do not look like they have a job.

These shoes have created a huge uproar.

Women, especially in India, feel like they are being treated like commodities and are demanding better conditions in their country.

Source: Bloomberg

On a warm day in February, a man wearing a pair of black shoes and a black cap walks into…

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