How to dress like a kid: How to look cool in jeans

With the advent of child-friendly footwear like Nike’s “white sneakers” and “jogging pants” , some parents are trying to emulate the fashion-forward style with jeans and sneakers.

But the process can be frustrating.

Here are five tips for dressing like a child, and why it’s not that easy.1.

Don’t wear jeans to schoolIf your child is still wearing jeans to class, wear the same style of pants for lunch, school, and when home.

Wear sneakers for your daily walk, and keep your shoes on.

You can also try to wear casual shoes when you go shopping, and dress your hair up in a ponytail.2.

Be more versatileWhen you’re in school, be aware of your options.

If you’re a student in the school cafeteria, wear jeans, sneakers, or skirts to the cafeteria and wear them when you leave.

If your child attends a daycare, wear skirts or jeans for your walk home.

Dress casual when you have time.3.

Dress your hair appropriatelyIf your children are growing out their hair and you’re not sure if it’s time to trim it, don’t be afraid to wear a pony tail.

When your child has grown into his/her adult body, you can also trim your hair to look younger or keep it longer.

Wear a wig for school or work.4.

Keep your eyes on the ballDon’t be shy about going out in public and looking your best.

When you’re out on the town, make sure to be dressed to the nines, but be respectful.

If possible, take a picture of yourself wearing a suit and a tie.5.

Try to be your own heroWhen you feel like you’re the best version of yourself, wear sneakers, a suit, and sunglasses, and make sure that you’re dressed to impress.

Be creative, too.

Wear your favorite hat and sunglasses.

With the advent of child-friendly footwear like Nike’s “white sneakers” and “jogging pants” , some parents are trying to emulate…

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