When Burberry Shoes and Cole Haan Shoes Will Go Covers, Burberry Says!

A new Burberry collaboration with footwear maker Cole Häan and fashion house Balenciagas is coming to stores this spring.

The Burberry-designed shoes, known as “Hansons,” are the first collaboration between Burberry and Balenicagas and come with a leather pouch.

The shoes are also the first to feature the brand’s signature silhouette: a red and white chevron motif.

The collaboration, which launches in spring, is designed by Burberry design head and Baleno designer Giorgio Armani.

The Baleniciagas collaboration is an entirely new look, a Burberry statement that hints at a new direction for the brand.

“We wanted to create a brand that really takes the opportunity to really connect with Burberry’s identity,” said the brand in a statement.

“Our Hansons are a very bold statement that really connects with the brand through bold colours, bold prints, bold shoes and bold silhouettes.”

The Baleno collaboration, on the other hand, is a bold statement for the Balenica brand.

The pair of sneakers are made in collaboration with the famous Balenocchi Italian footwear brand, which is owned by the Burberry Group.

“With the collaboration with Balencos, we’re excited to continue to showcase the beautiful and sophisticated styles and styles of Balencois and Balenos,” said Balen Co-Founder and CEO Antonio Barros.

“This collaboration with Cole haans is the culmination of a long journey with the Baleno family.

It’s a celebration of the love and passion for fashion that we have for Burberry.”

The shoes will be available in select Burberry stores.

For more on Burberry, watch the video below.

A new Burberry collaboration with footwear maker Cole Häan and fashion house Balenciagas is coming to stores this spring.The Burberry-designed…

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