Adidas launches a new model, Balenciagas, to commemorate the centennial of the first Balenco shoe

Balencian, or Balencin, is an Italian word that literally translates to “black”, and refers to a black person’s appearance.

The first Balens were produced in 1912 by Balen Cavallini, and it is believed that they were the first shoe that featured a full leather upper and a full lace-up sole.

Today, there are many brands that use Balencos to commemorate their history and to honor the legacy of Balenaccio, and Adidas is one of them.

Adidas recently unveiled a new line of Balenos to commemorate this century, named Balenca. 

The new Balenos are based on the original Balenccos, and are modeled after the iconic shoe.

They feature a black upper and an embossed Balencapol brand logo on the shoe.

The shoes are available in three colors, which include blue, brown, and black.

The sneakers feature the same leather upper as the original, but the lace-ups have been replaced with a pair of Velcro-like straps.

They also feature a printed graphic on the back that reads “Balenciagar” which translates to black. 

“We are always inspired by the history of Balens,” said Carlos Carvalho, the brand’s head of footwear innovation, at a press conference earlier this week.

“When we see Balenos in the marketplace, we always know that we can create something special.” 

I’ve never seen a Balenacos, so I don’t know what it’s made of, but it looks like it could be something cool. 

Here are a few photos of the new Balencalos: “Balencin” is the Italian word for “black” and the word Balen, or black, is a term for people of African descent.

According to, the word is derived from a combination of “black man” and “black skin”.

 “Today, we know that Balencaps are a staple in the world of sports, and we hope that Adidas, the company with a long history of iconic Balenos, will continue to create products with an African identity and legacy,” Carvalha said. 

These Balenos will be released in October.

Balencian, or Balencin, is an Italian word that literally translates to “black”, and refers to a black person’s appearance.The first…

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