Bo Jackson to retire from boxing as a boxer, not a wrestler

Bo JackSON has said he plans to retire as a boxing promoter after retiring from professional wrestling.

The actor, who became the first black boxer in history to earn a title shot and win the heavyweight championship, said Monday he would not seek another championship opportunity.

He was joined by his wife, Jocelyn, and his son, Jackson Jr., who is an assistant coach.

Jackson, 71, said he would retire from fighting if he were to become a pro wrestler.

He also will not take on another boxing ring.

Jackson said he could make more money fighting as a wrestler than as a boxer.

He said he has a lot of respect for boxers, but he will not be making money as a pro wrestling promoter.

He said he was only doing what he had to do.

He told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz that if a wrestler wanted to work for him, he would work with them.

He would work out with them, he said.

JackSON was a boxer for 15 years before becoming a professional wrestler.

He won a heavyweight title in a heavyweight bout in 1996, and a lightweight title in 1997, before winning the heavyweight belt in a split decision.

He won the heavyweight title again in 2000 and again in 2002.

He has won the title three times, most recently in a third round knockout over Mike Tyson.

Jacksons son, Joe, is an NBA player, and Jocelin was a pro basketball player, too.

JackSons son also wrestled professionally.


and his wife have three children: Jackson, JoJo, and Jackson Sr.

JackJackson is known for his strong-willed personality and his outspoken political views.

He has been a prominent advocate for women’s rights and racial justice, and was a leader in the civil rights movement and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jack’s son, BoJack, who is also a professional boxer, is the current heavyweight champion of the United States.

He was an early supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement and has said it has energized him.

Bo JackSON has said he plans to retire as a boxing promoter after retiring from professional wrestling.The actor, who became…

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