What we learned from the ’80s, and what it means for the future of fashion and music

The decade of 1980s grunge was marked by an explosion of extreme music.

There was the grunge album, The Wall, which included the hit single, “The Wall.”

Then came The Next Day, which contained one of the biggest hits in music history: “Lose Yourself.”

In the following decade, Nirvana, the grunges most popular band, released three albums.

They were all hits.

The Wall was the best-selling album of all time, and it won a Grammy for best rock album.

The next album, Uptown Funk, had a big hit, and the grungy bands debut album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, was a huge hit.

That was the era of the pop stars, the glamour and the fashion.

And it’s still a part of the music landscape today.

In 2015, hip-hop artist Macklemore and his wife, Mackenzie, released the hit song “Can’t Hold Us,” which was a song about racism in America.

MackleMORE wrote a song for the video for “Can You Feel It?” that showed an African-American man holding a sign that read, “Black Lives Matter.”

“Black lives matter,” the man said to MackleMore.

“Black people matter.”

MacklePHOTOS: Hip-hop stars on social media.

“Can you feel it?”

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images) This is the era that brought the “I’m a Celebrity” song to the top of the charts.

“I Feel Like Dying” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and a sequel, “Can We Get Together,” reached number three.

The video for the song, which Mackle more than doubled his record for album sales in a single week, also reached the top spot on the Hot 100.

“It’s like, you know, it’s a song that people know and it’s just an anthem,” Mackle said in 2015.

“You know what?

It’s a good song.

It’s an anthem.

MackLEMORE: The Billboard Hot 10: Top 10 rap albums of 2015. “

But it’s also just a song,” he added.

MackLEMORE: The Billboard Hot 10: Top 10 rap albums of 2015.

(Photo credit: AP) The “Can we get together” video hit number one.

“The video was a success and it made people think about race again,” Mack said.

“And it brought back to the conversation about race.”

The song was also used in a major TV ad campaign, and MackleMillion has performed it on a national tour.

It reached number two on the charts and peaked at number one in the U.S. “We’re here for you, you’re our best friends,” Macklemillion said in the video.

“So we know when you’re down, we’re going to come back and fix you up.”

And he said that he and his bandmates were proud of the song and its legacy.

“A song that we wrote when we were 15 years old and we didn’t have our phones, we wrote this song that went on MTV and people thought it was a hit, a huge anthem,” he said.

So when you hear ‘Can’t hold us,’ you think, ‘Who is that?’

“The same thing happens when you get ‘The Next Day.’

It’s like: This song was the greatest thing ever, so who is this person?

It was so catchy and it was so great.

This song has a lot of power because it has an image of black people that we are. “

Then we realized: That was just the beginning.

This song has a lot of power because it has an image of black people that we are.

So it was like, this is a perfect fit.”

Hip-Hop icon, Dr. Dre, has also been involved with fashion in recent years.

He released his first collection, The Next Dr.

Dre, in 2018.

Dre told The New York Times, “I think that it’s important for us to take the message of Dr. Dere to the next generation.”

He said that “the message of race” resonated “with everyone, especially people of color,” and he hopes the brand can bring that message back to fashion.

But Dr. Dr. is just one of many celebrities who have taken to social media to discuss race in the last few years.

In March, rapper, actor and fashion designer Kanye West tweeted, “My first love is my black girlfriend, my second love is a black person and my third love is an entire group of white people.”

In April, fashion designer Sophie Monk tweeted a photo of herself with a man who was wearing a t-shirt reading, “Love is love and I love all people,” to the caption, “It means everything.”

And in June, rapper Lil Wayne shared a photo on Instagram of him posing next to a black man wearing a jacket reading, “@IWillRacism Always.”

“I feel like a real nigga now,” Lil

The decade of 1980s grunge was marked by an explosion of extreme music.There was the grunge album, The Wall, which…

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